Top 10 Strongest Passport in the world new ranking of henley passport index released


In the year 2023 top 10 strongest passport in the world, the Indian passport rose seven positions, from 87th to 80th, enabling Indians to visit 57 nations without a visa.

Top 10 Strongest Passport in the world

This A new top 10 strongest passport in the world ranking was published by Nale Passport Index. The Pakistani passport has been ranked as the fourth worst passport in the world, per the new list. Pakistan’s standing in the rankings for 2022 has not changed. It was recognised as the fourth worst passport in the world last year as well. Pakistan is ranked 106 this year. Passport holders from Pakistan can enter 32 countries without a visa or with one upon arrival. In contrast to 2022, when the Indian passport ranked 87th, it has climbed seven spots to 80th, giving its holders the opportunity to travel to 57 countries without a visa.

Strongest passport

Japan is followed by Singapore and South Korea, whose citizens can easily visit 192 countries using their passports. The majority of European passports are the most powerful, followed by those from three Asian nations. Passport holders from Germany and Spain can easily travel to 190 countries. It is followed by Finland, which has a passport that allows visa-free travel to 189 nations, Luxembourg, and Italy. The top five countries include the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden. Unlike the UK (UK), Portugal, France, Ireland, and He is listed as number six.

concerns the index

There is a simple list of nations that indicates how many countries a passport bearer from a specific nation can visit without first obtaining a visa. The International Air Transport Association ranks the index, which was initially created by Dr. Christian H. Kaelin (Chairman of Henley & Partners).

(IATA), which offers the biggest and most precise database of statistics on international travel. It was introduced in 2006 and offers 199 unique passports. As and when changes to the visa policy take effect throughout the year, it is updated in real time.America

All passports worldwide are listed in the “Henle Passport Index”

The world’s top ten strongest passports

top 10 strongest passport in the world

Singapore 7.2.S

pain, Italy, and Germany

  1. 3.Sweden, Austria, Finland, Japan, Luxembourg, and other countries
  2. 4. The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, and British Empire
  3. 5.Malta, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Belgium
  4. 6.Poland, Hungary, and Australia
  5. 7. Greece and Canada
  6. 8.The United States and Lithuania
  7. 9.Slovakia, Slovenia, and Latvia
  8. 10. Iceland and Estonia


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